Used Flow Waterjet Mach 2

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Diverse Machinery currently has a used Flow waterjet Mach 2 (6′ x 10′). This waterjet features Flow Dynamic Waterjet, which virtually eliminates taper in cut parts at any cut speed. See details and specs below.

Call for a quote 1-844-778-8821
Condition: Good
Includes Decommissioning, Installation and Ball Bar Accuracy Test.

Used Flow Waterjet Specifications

Mach 2 – 2030c XY

  • 6’6″‘ x 10’2- (2m x 3m) cutting envelope
  • 6″ servo programmable Z axis
  • 800 IPM speed range
  • 0.005″ accuracy / 0.002″ repeatability over entire envelope
  • Heavy duty welded steel construction with cast steel bridge
  • Separate robotics from catcher tank eliminates the effects of impact, vibration, and thermal
  • expansion on motion system
  • High accuracy B&R digital AC servo motors
  • Roll around touch screen control with storage drawers included

Catcher Tank Material Support System

  • Individual slat construction allows for easy replacement
  • FlowMaster Intelligent Control System – Windows Based
  • FlowPath CAD/CAM system – Built-in CAD functions & automatic tool path generation
  • FlowCUT machine interface
    • Simply choose material and thickness and software does the rest
    • Allows for off-line time studies and creates quotations
  • FlowNEST – optimizes material yield with full geometric nesting
  • Ethernet network and USB drive compatible
  • Flow Xpert Software Package Included
  • Flow 30SA 30hp Intensifier Pump – 60,000PSI
  • ASME U3 high pressure vessel safety certification
  • Easy to maintain and long life high pressure seals
  • Variable displacement pump for effective cutting with water only or smaller abrasive jet orifices used in intricate cutting
  • Built-in inlet water filtration
  • Solid state motor starter with pad-lockable disconnect

Flow Dynamic Waterjet

  • Automatic taper compensation through 5 axis motion
  • Virtually eliminates taper in cut parts at any cut speed
  • Cuts 50-300% faster than conventional waterjet at same or better tolerance
  • Expands the capabilities of the abrasive waterjet process – cut to an accuracy impossible with conventional WJ
  • FlowMaster software automatically articulates head up to 10 degrees as required to eliminate taper
  • Three axis (XY and Z) programming capability

Flow Paser 4 Abrasivejet Cutting System

  • 5001b abrasive feed system with integrated low/out sensors tied back to controller for constant feedback
  • Performance Monitor (monitors cutting head performance)
  • Only two wear components — orifice and mixing tube
  • Orifice life 3 to 6 times previous generation cutting heads
  • Ultrapierce Vacuum Assist

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